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Joint Fundraiser – Summerlin Rotary Club’s Toast to Spring

Joint Fundraiser – Summerlin Rotary Club’s Toast to Spring The Summerlin Rotary Club is conducting a Toast to Spring fundraiser and enlisting our club’s help! Raffle tickets are on sale for some vin-tastic prizes. The Rotary Read more…


BODTS RECAP: Interesting Tidbits All Rotary Members Should Know

I had the pleasure of attending the Board of Directors Training Seminar (BODTS) for NV on Saturday, March 12th. I found that the training was not only applicable to incoming Rotary Club board members, but could also be considered for one’s participation in professional and other organizational capacities as well. Every Rotary member should have a basic understanding of how the board that governs their club operates. The presenters, Dennis Franklin and Roy York, did a marvelous job leading the training; below are some interesting excerpts from their presentation that members really ought to know...


Putting For Polio Featured on Talking Solutions with Terrie Springs

Club President-Elect Phil Bailey and Public Image Chair Rachel Diehl recently went on-air to talk polio eradication and the upcoming Putting for Polio Fundraiser on Talking Solutions with Terrie Springs. The radio show is Beasley Read more…